The IFH Mystery Shopping program for on-site-shopping or call shopping at the point of sales analyze your current performance from a customer’s point of view. In addition to identifying strategic areas of needed improvement, the program also provides a variety of integrated tools to allow you to make tactical enhancements in service and sales rapidly.

Beyond Standards.

Individual measures for maximizing quality

Evaluating Your Quality and Service Performance

Mystery Shopping Programs, flexible modules and many more reasons why IFH is the ideal partner for your quality assurance…

-Large variety of test models

-Global presence in all key markets

-Local mystery inspectors and variety in languages

-Fast quality criteria customisation process

-On-site consulting, training and coaching services

-Pre- and post mystery shopping support (consistent support via email or telephone for any questions regarding the call evaluations)

-Full ownership of an extensive reporting software including e.g.

        •Company Reports

        •Chain Brand Reports

        •Target/Actual Reports

        •Country Reports

        •Written Summaries

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Mystery Call

Are you interested in obtaining an objective assessment of the quality of your reservation or MICE phone services? 

With our online training program, Mystery Call Professional service, we offer you the ideal solution. We conduct the agreed number of mystery calls each month and evaluate these based on a list of individual criteria. Our IFH Online Reporting provides you with online access to all of the results at all times.

The IFH Mystery CallPlus is a web-based program which allows you to monitor and coach team at the point of sales. IFH can provide you with a number of test calls in several languages, seven days a week based on a set of given criteria.

Through the IFH Mystery CallPlus, clients receive instant delivery of the evaluation, competitor benchmarks and coaching.

Mystery Check

Put your hotel or company to the test in numerous areas, from the perspective of the customer through IFH On-Site Mystery Checks.

With our most basic package, Mystery Check Professional, our experienced tester evaluates a variety of areas of your company. We work with you before hand to define testing areas/departments and analyse these with a focus on test criteria. Using IFH Online Reporting, our tester creates extensive individual reports and charts for you, addressing the areas in question and identifies opportunities for improvement. Our premium packages consist of seeing up to eleven areas of your hotel or company through the eyes of a discerning customer and/or increasing quality of your restaurants through several areas. 

Emotional Check

What makes your hotel or company appealing? How do you create priceless moments?

In addition to measurable criteria, there is also a perception of quality on an emotional level. And it’s precisely this that motivates customers to recommend you to others. What do you do to ensure that your customers feel like they’re understood? What kind of atmosphere does your sta create?

Our experienced tester evaluates the product, the employees, their approach to services, and the ambience of your building. We de ne criteria ahead of time, which are then evaluated in writing.

With IFH Online Reporting, you can view the evaluation and benchmark values in your industry at all times.

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